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Luhur Batukaru Temple is located in Wongaya Gede Village and surrounded by thick vegetation and invigorating fresh air. There are old Balinese remains in this temple.

The Architectural style of Museum Subak (irrigation and rice field organization in Bali) is combination of the traditional Balinese building and modern architecture. Feeling of being in an atmosphere of great antiquity and seeing the expression of ancient Balinese can be felt when entering the museum. All farmers’ utensils, traditional tunnel and old structure Balinese house can be seen here.

According to the legend, Kebo Iwa’s big pot and old kitchen can be found in this beach. Moreover, rice terraces behind the beach that starting from the feet or the mountains far to the north give something more to the coast.

The ancient palace is full of priceless antiques dating back to when it was built and some very famous painting by artist of that time. Tektekan, Joged Bumbung Dance, Andir, Leko and so on can be enjoyed here. All these activities are adapted and arranged as series of connecting events throughout the dinner and outer courts of the palace.