Coffee Shop

We also had a coffee shop and a coffee corner. Our Coffee Corner serves a selection of coffee with a distinctive flavor,
which is processed traditionally and modernly to get high taste and fits on your tongue. It will be an unforgettable memory
that you have ever been to our place. Coffee we have, among others : Robusta, arabica and Luwak (chivet) coffee.
Kopi Luwak is a coffee bean taken after being eaten mongoose. Then there will occur in the mongoose
and further processed naturally 100% non-chemical and make high quality coffee flavor.

The hotel has many facilities such swimming pool, an open stage and a convention hall for up to 300 participants are
offering dinner parties with cultural dances such as Kecak, Tektekan, Legong or shadow puppet per-formance and more.
That is so easy and closer to drugstore, money changer, telecommunication services, bicycle rental.
where Credit cards accepted: Visa, Master.