With three lakes around it, Bedugul looks beautiful. The largest lake (beratan lake) is surrounded by mountain.
Several international water ski competitions were held on lake Baratan. There are some accommodations,
restaurant, and one temple, Ulun Danu temple there. The nice view around the lake, parasailing ski,
visiting Bali Handara country club or the cave (was made by Japanese during the second world war) are also able to enjoy.

Botanical Garden

Located in west Bedugul, people are able to take a walk through a small road, which is neatly lined with trees.
While walking, a large grass garden filled with various kinds of green forest and fresh air can be enjoyed.
There are also many glass houses that are used for experimenting and growing plants, especially orchids.

Alas Kedaton

Alas Kedaton has two types of unique characteristics. Four doorways to entrance, and the middle yard (the holiest place)
is lower than outer yard. The temple is surrounded by a sacred forest with monkeys that are also considered sacred.
The forest is also inhabited by a group of bats, which are hanging all over the branch of the trees and flaying at all time.

Tanah Lot Temple

Built in 15th century, Tanah Lot is an ideal place to see sunset. Several small and big shrines are there.
People can walk to the temple when the tide is low. Moreover, it looks like a floating temple if the tide is high.
Under the temple, many caves inhabited by tame sea snake, which has white and black colors.

Jati Luwih

Located 700 meters above the sea level with its fresh air, Jatiluwih serves beautiful view in Tabanan.
Jatiluwih actually means ‘really beautiful’; give a large terraced rice fields and thick green vegetation.
There is a mountain with its thickly jungle and dense forest in the north side.

Margarana Monument

This monument is to commemorate the fight until the end of Indonesia soldiers againt the dutch on 20 November 1946.
I Gusti Ngurah Rai with all of his troops, Ciung Wanara, were killed in this war. Letters of I Gusti Ngurah Rai,
addressed to the dutch can be read here.

Yeh Gangga

Being visited by many tourists, Yeh Gangga also becomes a resort for anglers to catch fish and shrimps.
This black sand beach is quite wide. Artistic rocks are another nice view to enjoy here.

Hot Spring in Penatahan

It has a natural hot spring near banks of the river, Yeh Ho. According to the Indonesian Department of Health,
the spring is safe for bathing because it contains sulphur, potassium, and sodium,
which are effective for curing skin and some other diseases.

Luhur Batukaru Temple

Luhur Batukaru Temple is located in Wongaya Gede Village and surrounded by thick vegetation and invigorating fresh air.
There are old Balinese remains in this temple.

The Museum Subak

The Architectural style of Museum Subak (irrigation and rice field organization in Bali)
is combination of the traditional Balinese building and modern architecture. Feeling of being in an atmosphere
of great antiquity and seeing the expression of ancient Balinese can be felt when entering the museum.
All farmers’ utensils, traditional tunnel and old structure Balinese house can be seen here.

Soka Beach

According to the legend, Kebo Iwa’s big pot and old kitchen can be found in this beach.
Moreover, rice terraces behind the beach that starting from the feet or the mountains far to the north
give something more to the coast.

Puri Anyar (Royal Palace) of Kerambitan

The ancient palace is full of priceless antiques dating back to when it was built and some very famous painting
by artist of that time. Tektekan, Joged Bumbung Dance, Andir, Leko and so on can be enjoyed here.
All these activities are adapted and arranged as series of connecting events throughout the dinner
and outer courts of the palace.